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Do external aluminium shutters get hot?

External plantation shutters are without a doubt an extremely popular addition to modern homes and apartments in Queensland. They look fantastic and offer so many additional benefits that it’s no wonder so many property owners are having them installed.

However, when considering installing aluminium shutters in at your property it’s also natural to have many questions about before deciding on such a large investment for your property.

You may wonder if the fierce Australian sun is going to have any impact on the shutters themselves day to day as well as over time.

If this is a concern that you have, you’re not alone. Read on to find out how the sun can impact aluminium shutters and how you can ensure they stay in top condition throughout extreme Queensland summers.

Do external aluminium shutters get hot?

Because they’re made out of aluminium, which is a metal, your aluminium shutters are going to absorb some level of heat.

However, aluminium is also thin and an excellent thermal conductor which assists it to conduct away much of the heat that it absorbs. Aluminium tends to cool off fairly quickly once direct sunlight is gone.

How can you ensure the sun doesn’t damage your shutters?

While external aluminium shutters are designed to withstand the extreme Australian climate, there are always things that you can do to help ensure that your shutters stay in top condition and continue to look great and function well into the future. These include:

Keeping them clean

While your aluminium shutters shouldn’t rust or degrade due to the material they are made out of, keeping them clean and free of any debris of going to help extend their life a long way.

You should ensure that there is no build-up of dirt, dust or other natural debris and give them a regular clean with a wet cloth to help them stay looking and operating at their best.

Regularly check for damage

While aluminium shutters are often chosen for their strength, they can sometimes become damaged, especially after a strong impact or a severe storm.

Regular checks along the edges can help you spot any damage that may have occurred. Repairing small damage now can help prevent the small issue from becoming a big problem in the future.

Will aluminium shutters help block out noise?

Aluminium shutters are a fantastic way to help block out up to 50% of unwanted outside noise that enters a property.

The ability to close up the louvres tight means that you can help to disrupt the noise coming through to the inside of the dwelling.

If you live in a high foot traffic or vehicle traffic area, this can be invaluable for your quality of life day to day.

Do aluminium shutters provide security?

Aluminium shutters are a fantastic way to add additional security to your home. Having external aluminium shutters installed means that the visibility inside into rooms can be limited, so temptation to enter is limited.

Shutters installed on balconies can also deter would be thieves from climbing up or across exposed balconies.

How durable are aluminium shutters?

Exterior aluminium shutters are incredibly durable. Not only do they work as fantastic deterrents to would-be criminals who may be considering your home for a target, but they are also particularly effective at protecting your home from storms and fierce weather as well.

Aluminium shutters are strong enough to protect your exposed balconies and patios during storms or in windy areas.

Do aluminium shutters reduce heat inside your home?

Yes, aluminium shutters can significantly help to reduce the heat entering your home. While the shutters themselves may heat up in the sun, one of the major benefits of shutters is their ability to help regulate your home’s temperature.

Shutters help prevent excessive heat and UV rays from entering your home which helps to keep your home much cooler during the intense Australian summers.

They also help to insulate your property by keeping the warm air inside during winter, reducing your energy bill and your carbon footprint as you are utilising less energy to cool and heat your home.

Balconies on the Sunshine Coast especially are often very exposed, taking advantage of ocean views. Having the ability to close off this space during extremely hot or cool weather is a great advantage when trying to regulate the temperature inside.

Are aluminium shutters worth it?

We believe that quality aluminium shutters are almost always a worthy investment for your Queensland property. They can add value to your home and provide plenty of benefits.

While they may appear to heat up in direct sunlight, they are actually thermal and designed to handle the heat of the Australian summer.

If you’re ready to install quality external aluminium shutters in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, you can get in touch with our team of local experts to discuss your specific needs now.