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Quality Aluminium Hinged Shutters

Hinged shutters are popular for all the right reason, especially here in Queensland. We love our verandahs and we love our big windows.

Our Australian-made aluminium hinged shutters, manufactured locally in Caloundra, are proving to be a big hit with new home owners, commercial property owners, and developers.

For a start, they represent great value for money. Being aluminium, they require minimal maintenance. The only moving parts are hinges, a mechanism to swivel the louvres, and a lock or latch.

Powder coating saves you from needing to paint or repaint the shutters and frames. Instead, you get your preference from a wide range of colours that is sure to blend well with your colour scheme. The aluminium construction, of course, is better able to handle all that the Queensland weather throws at it. The same cannot be said for almost any other form of window screening.

As you can see from the photos on this web-page, the look of our hinged shutters is stylish and timeless. Certainly, they have an amazing knack of being able to instantly create an enchanting aura from everyday harsh glare.

Then there are the ingenious privacy benefits. A simple tweak of the louvres would set their angles in favour of the user. You could, for example, open them to include some of your view but still have a considerable degree of privacy. At other times, you can close them completely.

With lights out at nighttime, particularly in quieter settings, such as tranquil waterfronts and rural areas, you can sleep with the windows open. The shutters allow you to enjoy the fresh night air while, at the same time, adding security. Anyone intent on breaching your shutters would certainly find it difficult to avoid attracting attention to themselves.

At Balcony Shutters Australia, we custom-design. This means you can order hinged shutters to your exact specifications. Wide panels. Narrow panels. You choice of colour. Our friendly team is very approachable and our technicians are second to none. We handle all of the installation duties too. Nothing is left to chance. We approach every job with the aim of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Ideal for almost any window, hinged shutters can be installed either to the inside or the outside of the glass. You can also choose to have your hinged shutters installed in non-glazed areas. This would be case in many verandah or balcony installations.

Hinged shutters are only one style from our full range of aluminium window fitments. All of them are designed to provide elegant and affordable solutions to enjoying life to the max in Queensland.

All our aluminium shutters are designed to invite the warmth of the winter sun but guard against the fiercer summer sun. They provide an effective barrier in inclement weather and discourage intruders. But with fresh air free to circulate and filtered light an easy option, these shutters bring a delightful ambience to any room in both residential and commercial situations.

For your free quote, please contact us at Balcony Shutters Australia today.

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