Aluminium Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast
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Create privacy, reduce noise
and protect your home
from the elements
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Maximise your space
with durable and stylish
aluminium shutters
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Create privacy, reduce noise
and protect your home
from the elements
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Maximise your space
with durable and stylish
aluminium shutters
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Create privacy, reduce noise
and protect your home
from the elements
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Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast

Balcony Shutters Australia is a leading supplier of quality aluminium plantation shutters for the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Do you want to increase privacy while reducing noise, blocking out sun, wind and rain while maintaining seamless style? Bring the ‘OUTDOORS IN and the INDOORS OUT’ with Balcony Shutters effortless concepts for all year round living.

Create a practical space to relax and entertain in comfort while embracing those spectacular views.
Our innovative designed Bi-FoldSlidingStacking HingedCombination and Fixed shutters featuring aluminium louvres made to your specifications to suit your modern Australian Lifestyle.

For the ultimate durability our Powder coated aluminium plantation shutters can be combined with balustrades or glass panels creating an illusion of space. From decks and patios to balconies and terraces, you can have our shutters designed for commercial domestic and high-rise applications manufactured and engineered to withstand our harsh coastal environment.

For “the Australian made quality on time every time” Phone Balcony Shutters on 07 5438 1010

Extensive Range Of Aluminium Plantation Shutters

You owe it to yourself to investigate our extensive range. We have Bi-fold shutters, Sliding shutters, Stacking shutters, Hinged shutters, Combination shutters and Fixed shutters. Our aluminium louvres are all proudly Australian-made and we design them and install them for residential, commercial, and high-rise applications. The louvres are renowned for their ability to control light and shade and provide protection against the elements, which makes aluminium plantation shutters ideal in times of extreme sun, heavy rain and gusting winds. The practical benefits of our shutters are convincing enough alone. But it’s something else that is winning over property owners, architects, builders and renovators. The look of these aluminium plantation shutters is cutting-edge modern yet, at the same time, elegantly classic.

Adding our plantation shutters on the Sunshine Coast gives you the ninja-level control over the natural light in your space with its aluminium louvre features. You can enjoy having your windows open to fresh air without compromising visual privacy and security of the premises. 

Our aluminium window products will definitely stand the test of time and provide a stunning improvement to your property.
At the same time, the trade-off will be an investment that is relatively modest.

Why Choose Us?

Over 25 Years As Balcony Shutter Experts

We offer more than just a top-tier range of products and precise installation. We offer you the skills and care that come from being a local family business on the Sunshine Coast since 2012 after shifting from Brendale in North Brisbane.

We’ve been helping our clients find the best way to enjoy their outside space for over 25 years, and, thanks to our experience and high levels of customer satisfaction; we are the go to company in the region for balcony and patio shutter solutions.

We Are Locals

Being local means we understand your home and can create a solution that is best for your property. We know how the harsh the sun can be in a Queensland summer, and how to protect spaces from harsh coastal weather.

We can come to your property to help you choose the best options that will make the most of your outside space all year.

We Manufacture & Install

We make all our own products. This means we understand and tailor at every stage of the process, creating the best result possible.

We start with a measure and quote. This is when we’ll talk through everything you want in terms of materials, colours, and functionality, as well as prices. We’ll put together a detailed quote, and when you’re happy with what we offer, we’ll arrange manufacture.

Because we make the product ourselves, you can be confident that your exact measurements will be taken and used. Don’t risk taking these measurements yourself- call a professional that will take the time to get it right for you.

A Silver Aluminum Shutter
Balcony — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD
Windows with view — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD
White Door — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD

Quality Aftercare

If something happens to your shutters, or you are after clarification on operation or cleaning, we are here to help!

Have your shutters been damaged? We are also your best point of contact after an accident or weather event to complete the repairs you need asap.

We Use A1 Materials

Our aluminium is durable and ideal for handling our climate. Aluminium is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their outdoor space without getting overheated and offers great protection from wind and rain. Choosing quality aluminium shutters means you can enjoy more of your home, more of the time.

We offer a bespoke service

A further benefit of working with our team is the ability to deal with our experts every step of the way and having the confidence that your vision will be carried through the entire process

We Respect Your Home

Rest assured that when we are present in your home or business, we take every possible precaution not to disturb your space or belongings. We clean up any mess made during the installation process promptly. Our staff are respectful professionals who are willing to work with you minimise fuss.

Balcony with plants — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD

Bi-fold shutters provide an incomparable mix of flexibility and privacy while neatly dividing your space. These shutters can stay closed, or they can fold against one another to form an opening that leaves little clutter.

This lets you finely dictate the amount of light that you let in, elegantly giving you the control to brighten your indoor space. On top of this, bi-fold shutters are low maintenance, come in a wide range of Dulux & Interpon colours, and use durable materials.

Sliding shutters are a convenient, cost-effective solution for a large variety of spaces. They can block the outside with a traditional sliding mechanism like sliding doors. They can also save a lot of space compared to other fixing styles because when opened they do not fold out into the floor space.

This style of shutters offers great protection from the elements and serve as an excellent level of sun protection for your family as well as furniture and belongings. In addition, their ventilation capabilities when open is still excellent – you can keep safe from the blistering sun while still getting the fresh air you need in a semi open space in your home.

Beautiful view balcony — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD
Front view of the house — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD

Stacking Shutters are a fantastic innovation, one able to suit a wide variety of properties. The stacking bay is affixed to the sliding track system that can accommodate up to 30 plus doors, meaning you can make the most of your outdoor view whenever you desire by opening the panels and storing off to the side.

This versatility allows them to operate similar to the Bi-Fold Shutter, as they can be closed or opened only to the degree that you desire. Your Stacking Shutters are also completely unobtrusive when stacked away, giving an extra level of convenience.

Fixed Shutters can increase home protection from the elements, letting you easily block out the western summer sun on even the warmest summer day. Drawing upon techniques pioneered in Ancient Greece and perfected since, the louvres of Fixed Shutters can beautifully filter light in or out at your discretion while letting air flow well through the property at any time.

In most cases, the slats are designed in such a way that you can see out, but people will have a tough time seeing in – added privacy is just another benefit of installing fixed shutters on your building.

Hinged shutters can create a great style on your property as well as being practical. They are ideal for larger windows as well as patio doors and can complement virtually any opening – this makes them a good all-rounder in terms of privacy, security, and aesthetics. Enjoy the indoors and outdoors with the aluminium louvres, allowing you to decide whether to let the natural light and scenery into your home.

They can give strong support to your window or door, and every one of our shutters is custom-made to meet the exact size you need. Whether you want the individual panels to be narrow or wide, your hinged shutter will work exactly as you need in all situations.

Combination shutters mix the durability of shutters with the sleek and modern look of a glass finish for a portion of the wall. If you are looking for a strong shutter that offers high protection as well as unobscured views, then this may be the choice for you.

The added glass panels as railings provide a better view as well as extra safety on for outdoor spaces above ground level, therefore making them a great way to complement your balcony if you have one already installed that just needs some more protection from the elements.

With table and chair — Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast in Moffat Beach, QLD
Aluminium Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast

Our aluminium plantation shutter styles include bi-fold, sliding, stacking, fixed and hinged. With our shutters, we also offer a combination of glass panels and balustrades. All products are Australian-made and built to withstand Queensland weather conditions.

Why Privacy Shutters Will Change Your Life

You deal directly with the manufacturer here at Balcony Shutters Australia. Working with you from start to finish, our skilled team designs, supplies and installs our aluminium shutters. This is the best way to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Black Aluminium Shutters Brisbane

Browse our gallery here at Balcony Shutters Australia to view the wide variety of plantation shutters on the Sunshine Coast we’ve designed and installed. Our range of products includes everything from simple bi-fold upgrades for your home to new privacy shutters for high-rise buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Aluminium Shutters

Do you have a question for our aluminium shutter specialists? Take a look through these answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your query here, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

Aluminium is an extremely durable material, meaning your shutters will have a long lifespan. Aluminium is a great form of insulation. It puts you in control of your privacy and is ideal for blocking out light, wind or rain. The sturdy structure of aluminium is an effective security measure in deterring intruders.

Yes. At Balcony Shutters Australia, we manufacture and install our shutter blinds in a range of styles, including:

  • bi-fold
  • sliding
  • stacking
  • fixed
  • hinged
  • glass panel combination and
  • balustrade combination.

Bi-fold shutters are assembled in panels, hinged together so they can fold back against each other. Tracks, top and bottom, allow the panels to slide open and closed. Bi-fold shutters are ideal in entertaining areas.

Yes. With their sharp, modern styling and the brilliant practicality of their design, our shutter blinds make a great investment to add value to your property.

Yes. Our aluminium shutters are not just for residential application. We design and manufacture them to suit commercial properties, including retail, hospitality and office premises. High-rise structures are also no problem. 

Not at all. Aluminium is strong, sturdy stuff. It won’t buckle and works well on the hottest days, blocking out harmful UV rays and helping reduce temperatures behind the shutters.

At Balcony Shutters Australia, we manufacture all of our shutter blinds and other window products. We work with you from start to finish, designing, assembling and installing your shutters for optimal results at your property.

We manufacture our shutter blinds in a wide range of colours. It’s not going to be difficult for us to match your colour preferences.