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Bifold Shutters Opening on to a Pool Area

Property owners all over Australia know a good idea when they see one and bi-fold shutters have truly captured their attention. Who doesn’t love a ready-made screen that offers total privacy one minute but opens right up the next?

Bi-fold shutters glide on tracks and they generally occupy a position that divides a space in the most pleasing of ways.

In a kitchen, bi-fold shutters can create a servery. With the shutters in closed position, food can be prepared while guests mingle and chat, oblivious to all but a hint of fragrant aromas and a muffled symphony of industrious activity coming from behind the screens.

At the appropriate moment, the bi-fold shutters can be swung apart, their hinges allowing them to fold against each other to create an unobstructed opening. In other situations, bifold shutters offer a sensational solution to controlling light and privacy for the spaces in which they’re installed. Inside a home, for example, they can be used to divide a bedroom from an en suite or a den area.

Alternatively, bifold shutters can elegantly control the way in which the delights of your environment can be brought together with the beauty inside your home. Installed on verandahs and decks, bi-fold shutters can be used to protect against the elements. In more accommodating weather, simply swing the bi-folds open and let the sun shine in In a commercial property, bi-fold shutters might be used to define areas within a shared space. For example, a sales area can be divided within a large showroom space. The beauty of this solution is that the shutters would offer minimal disruption to your decor and can be swung open at will to effectively reunite the space. Is it any wonder bi-fold shutters are making a big impression for all the right reasons?


Benefits of Bifold Shutters

Our aluminium bi-folds are not only a highly affordable way to add them to your property, they also provide a low maintenance option. They don’t need painting. They’re manufactured in a range of colours, so matching them to your decor won’t be an issue. We handle the installation. No problems related to DIY or handyman fitting. We don’t leave a mess and when we leave, your shutters will open effortlessly, gliding smoothly in their tracks. When closed, you will be able to lock them into place with neatly installed flush bolts.

We make all our aluminium bi-fold shutters at Balcony Shutters Australia in Caloundra. They are constructed from durable Australian-made materials and they are built to stand the test of time under our changing Australian weather conditions. Our friendly team of technicians will design your shutters for you. You don’t have to worry about whether they will fit your windows or openings. After we measure up, our experienced team will design and manufacture your new shutters to achieve the most practical outcome without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your bi-folds.

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