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Why Privacy Shutters Will Change Your Life

Looking for privacy shutters on the Sunshine Coast? Well-designed window shutters offer a huge range of benefits for your home or business. Many people are unaware that shutters aren’t just about adding privacy to your property—they also save you money, increase your curb appeal and resale value and reduce the need to use electricity, helping the environment. If you are looking to renovate your existing home or build a new one, consult with the team at Balcony Shutters today! We offer shutters in many different styles, including bi-fold, sliding, stacking, fixed and hinged, as well as custom combinations that are tailored to your existing fixtures. When you need seamless shutters installed to withstand the harsh Queensland sun, contact our team for quality installations.


Save Money

Shutters are ideal for blocking sunlight, reducing the transfer of hot and cold air from your property, depending on the season. This is helpful because removing the need to control the interior temperature of your home or business with heating and air conditioning also lowers your power bills. Air conditioning, heating and HVAC systems require a lot of power to run, especially during the harsh summers experienced in Queensland. Privacy shutters are available in a range of styles that allow you to control light and airflow within your home. Our team will design a shutter system to keep your property cool throughout the day, helping you save money while also reducing your impact on the environment!


Increased Security

Privacy shutters create a physical barrier between your home and the outside world, while also reducing visibility for people looking in. This is ideal for home and business security, as potential intruders are far less likely to take a chance breaking into your property when they can’t assess the interior. By installing aluminium privacy shutters on your Sunshine Coast property, you are investing in security for yourself, your belongings and your loved ones, while also increasing curb appeal and potential resale value. Aluminium is tough and durable, making it ideally suited for window protection, especially when copping the worst of the Australian elements. Call our team to make your home or business intruder-proof today.


Noise Reduction

Your home should be a sanctuary—ideal for relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Privacy shutters help reduce noise surrounding your property, giving you the freedom to enjoy your own space in silence. Busy traffic, noisy neighbours, loud wildlife—whatever is going on outside, we offer a range of shutter solutions to increase your privacy and enjoy peace within your home. Not only are these shutters available in a range of styles to suit the aesthetics and colour scheme of your property, but they also give you the flexibility to control the amount of sound entering your home. You can open and close the slats to whatever degree you like!


If you want to enjoy privacy with the added benefit of noise reduction, increased security and reduced energy bills, contact the team at Balcony Shutters on the Sunshine Coast today. Call us on 07 5438 1010.