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Aluminium Shutter Blinds in Moffat Beach

About Balcony Shutters Australia 

Balcony Shutters Australia is a manufacturer of custom-designed aluminium shutters and blinds. We also handle all our installations, making the whole process easier and quality-controlled from the outset. This makes sure that our customer service is on par with the high standard of our product range.

Quality Custom Shutters on the Sunshine Coast & in Brisbane

Based in Caloundra, we are family owned and operated. Since our establishment in the area in 2012, we have been employing local Sunshine Coast staff.

The importance of training and support is not lost on us. We certainly champion the upskilling of our staff and there is a lot of pride, witnessing the development of our apprentice tradesmen.

Introducing Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman is our Managing Director at Balcony Shutters Australia. Brian has a world of experience with more than 27 years of industry experience. Brian regularly shares his knowledge and specialised practical skills with the members of our dedicated team. Having worked on various projects and major fitouts over the years—across the US, England, Canada and the South Pacific—Brian’s expertise gives the company a unique advantage. His experience includes stainless steel fabrication for specialised architectural designs. Given his background, is it any wonder that Brian’s focus has been, and continues to be, the tireless pursuit of creating the very best blinds and shutters for Australian property owners.

Our installation team takes in their stride a wide area that includes not only the Sunshine Coast, but Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well.

Our Product Range

New home builds are often the destination for our products, both for external and internal installation. Our shutters and blinds add character and value to any property. Architects and interior designers are generous in their praise of our products—not just for the aesthetic statement made by our aluminium shutters and blinds, but also because of their budget-friendly contributions. Commercial property owners, as well as residential property owners, need no further convincing. Balcony Shutters Australia is big on bang for the buck. Renovations and extensions also keep our production and installation staff busy. This is truly where our ability to custom design comes to the fore. Our range of colours and sizes is hard to beat. One of the many reasons for the popularity of our shutters, in particular, is that they present a very useful range of options when they are used to section off spaces. Depending on the arrangement of hinges and, certainly when installed on sliding tracks, our shutters allow areas to be closed off and, at other times, opened up for maximum enjoyment of the space.
Owners of existing properties too, realise that adding aluminium blinds and shutters is a great way to slash their power bills. Keeping the sun out on baking hot days is easy once our installers have done their job at your place.

Another aspect of having our shutters and blinds installed is that you can enjoy fresh, cooling breezes while maintaining a secure premises. Just like in days gone by, you can sleep with the windows open but this time without fearing that someone will reach in. To stop stronger winds from blowing up a storm inside your home or office, simply adjust the angle of the shutter blades or partially close the window to your liking. The feature of our aluminium window products that appeals to many of our clients are the low maintenance benefits. Timber shutters, for example, will need a lot of attention over time to avoid losing their lustre, not to mention their integrity. Aluminium, on the other hand, is powder coated and will maintain its look long-term. The likelihood of needing scaffolding and a taxing burst of elbow grease is effectively thwarted. And your outlay has been lower all the way!

Custom Design & Personalised Service

At Balcony Shutters Australia, our skilled team will design and manufacture aluminium shutters to your exact requirements, or to the specifications of your Body Corporate. You will enjoy the benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer. What’s more, with our people handling all the installation duties for you, you’ll also enjoy superior customer service and satisfaction. From your first phone enquiry to the measuring up and delivery, all the way to completing the installation, our aim is to live up to and even exceed your expectations. When you choose to install these shutters, your living space will be dramatically transformed. From completely private one minute to al fresco the next. Or partially open the shutters for a blend of outdoors and indoors. The choice is yours. The mechanism to change from one to the other could not be more simple.

These are plantation shutters engineered to withstand Australia’s tough climatic conditions—baking hot summer sun, torrential rain and cyclonic winds. We design, supply and install all our aluminium shutters and blinds for properties on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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