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Comparing Timber and Aluminium Window Shutters

Few homeowners would argue against window shutters adding another level of security and protection to a property.

Choosing between traditional wood and modern aluminium, however, can be more of an issue so the team at Balcony Shutters have compared the two materials types in the following article.

About timber shutters

It goes almost without mention that wood would have been used for shutters long before modern fabrication methods allowed for their aluminium counterparts. Apart from being an affordable and attractive looking option, they are by no way as durable as aluminium. Many heritage properties still have wooden window shutters in keeping with their style and they work well enough.

Aluminium shutters

Aluminium window shutters do everything that the wooden version does but more. They are much stronger, last longer, and are virtually maintenance free. They also look much more at home on modern properties too, adding to both the overall appearance and the kerb appeal.

Security issues

It is an unfortunate fact of life that security has become a major consideration for many homeowners, especially in urban areas. While wood offers only limited resistance against a forced entry, aluminium would need to be cut using noisy power tools or other equipment.

Aluminium shutters are, therefore, likely to act as a detergent in the first instance and further represent a challenge to any would-be burglar attempting to breach them.

The differences in durability

There is no doubt that if wooden shutters are looked after and well maintained they do look stunning in the right setting.

Aluminium, on the other hand, will provide the same levels of functionality and form with virtually no maintenance at all. They are lighter and stronger than wood and can be powder coated in virtually any colour you choose.

Shutters from the specialists

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