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Are Aluminium Shutters Waterproof?

Aluminium shutters are becoming more and more popular in southern Queensland.

From bungalows to high-rise office and apartment blocks, they are the perfect choice for many homes and businesses.

As trusted suppliers and fitters of aluminium shutters that Brisbane and coastal communities trust, we know their benefits.

If you are in any doubt as to their suitability for your home or business, the team at Balcony Shutters can help you.

Modern Update

Shutters are a popular feature for many coastal homes as they allow interiors to remain cool by allowing ocean breezes to flow without flooding interiors with the intense Australian sunshine.

Quite simply, they are an excellent and stylish way of limiting sunlight while still allowing natural light.

Modern aluminium shutters come with many advantages.

Rather than having to lean out of your window and pull them shut, they offer other many other control options.

As well as this, aluminium shutters keep out much more than the sun, while looking great.

Great Barrier

At Balcony Shutters, we supply only Australian-made products.

This means we can guarantee that your shutters will perform to the highest standards.

We are expert suppliers and fitters of aluminium shutters that Brisbane people trust.

We service the city and suburbs, along with the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Our shutters are designed and manufactured to keep out all types of weather.

They work to form a seal on the exterior of your premises.

Not only are they waterproof, they are also fireproof.

Properly fitted by our expert team, aluminium shutters are excellent protection for your home or business.

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