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Plantation Shutters For Light and Shade

Given our climate where sunshine is as important as shade it is obvious why it’s plantation shutters Sunshine Coast homes very often boast.

Letting the light without being at the mercy of the direct sun is a balancing act – one that few window coverings can achieve other than plantation shutters on the Sunshine Coast.

In the height of summer we do want to enjoy the bright rays of the sun without feeling uncomfortable. In the middle the day, especially, we are going to need some shade. If this can be achieved without having to endure a gloomy interior then we are onto a winning wicket. We install more and more plantation shutters in Sunshine Coast homes every year because of their versatility.

Light, shade and airflow

Unlike curtains or blinds plantation is the multi-task champion of window coverings. Not only do they produce the right amount of shade when or where you want it, they are also excellent for allowing a good airflow during those warm summer days.

This means you don’t have to keep the air conditioning roaring at full blast day and night. If there’s a breeze, plantations will help you make the most of it.

Airflow without the noise

With curtains or blinds airflow into your home’s interior is not going to be easily achieved without compromise. With plantation blinds you are going to get all the shade and light balance you need and as well as a silent airflow. Curtains will sway in the breeze and blinds will rattle, that’s a given.

Different styles

There are a number of different shutter styles, which can help make the most of your living space and can be made for the unique requirements of your home. The moveable nature of the louvers means that you can enjoy as much or as little sunshine in your home as you desire.

Café style shutters will maximise the light for bright days only covering half the window, so are great for kitchens and the full length ones are more suited for areas like conservatories, which are likely to get the full brunt of summer scorches.

Fading isn’t a factor

Unlike curtains, which typically remain open during daylight hours, window shutters can be set to be partially open which allows the required light into the room whilst simultaneously reducing the impact of full sun on fabrics, furniture and carpets.

Back in the day

Plantation shutters have been around since time immemorial, stretching back as far as Ancient Greece and breezing through the ages finding themselves into homes from Golden Beach here to Golden Eye in the Caribbean.

In days gone by they were made mostly from wood, but our modern day aluminium alternatives are setting a new trend.

It’s sliding, stacked, fixed or even bi-fold that forms part of our plantation blinds Sunshine Coast range. For a free home visit give us a call or take a look at our shutters page for a little inspiration.