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Stacking Shutters For Extreme Versatility

Award-winning designers in shutter and blinds are constantly looking to go that one step further and as a result a ground breaking creation has emerged – stacking shutters that come with unrivaled versatility.

Stacking shutters, relative newcomers to the window world, are already proving to be the window fittings of choice in up-to the-minute Sunshine Coast businesses and homes.  

Smooth operation

Our stacking shutters have been designed to create a generous wide opening to make the most of your home’s outdoor entertainment area.

If you are lucky enough to have spectacular views, then stacking shutters are the way to go.

The door panels slide behind one another maximising the space, creating a flow between the interior and exterior.

Track system

Our multi-layered track system can accommodate up to as many as four doors sliding in one direction and up to eight doors, which open in the middle and slide in both directions.

Any angle

It’s thanks to the concertina-type design of stacking shutters that they can be installed in challenging and quirky spaces – straight lines, corners or odd angles, they have been designed to do the trick.

On the threshold

Our stacking shutters can be supplied with a flush threshold to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors with no change in level.

Linking the chain

Chain link stacking shutters are the most economical and lightweight. These shutters are ideal for low-security properties.

If you need to up your security, especially if you are a business owner with a shop front, then one of Balcony Shutters’ consultants will be only too happy to advise.

If you need the highest level of security for your business then solid aluminium panels might be your best option.   

Different glass finishes

Our stacking door system comes with the option of clear glazed or translucent glazed doors.

One of our Balcony Shutter consultants will take you through the different options available and advise on what would work best for your home or business.

Weather or not

Our stacking shutters are ideal for unexpected turns in the weather.

If you have a restaurant with an outdoor aspect then the stacking shutters can slide back and stack to create a seamless flow from the interior to the exterior; if the weather turns iffy then all it takes is a touch of the shutters’ remote control to safeguard your clientele from inclement weather.

Not seen, not heard

Sunshine is this part of the world is generally a given; summer nights are balmy, so your stacking shutters are more likely to be open more often than not.

The joy of stacking shutters is that they are unobtrusive. Once you have folded them back they simply melt away.

For a free consultation on stacking shutters call us on: 07 5438 1010 or take a look at our stacking shutters page.

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