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The Top Benefits Of Installing Fixed Aluminium Louvres On Building Exteriors

Many people decide to add louvres to their buildings in order to give them additional aesthetic appeal. This is a good way of modernising an older façade, but there are also plenty of other benefits to installing fixed louvres to the exterior of your property in South East Queensland.

Aluminium louvres in particular are a great choice. Using this material in particular has many benefits. An aluminium louvre is a practical investment, one that could benefit your property for decades, even with only minor maintenance. Read on to find out how aluminium louvres could be a great addition to your building’s exterior.

1. An Excellent Addition To Your Building’s Design

Though this is far from the only reason to install aluminium louvres, it’s hard to ignore the style they can bring to your building’s overall aesthetic. Aluminium is sleek, and the quality finish of these louvres helps them stand out from other types of shutters.

The louvres are an excellent mix of traditional and modern design. A louvre bridges the inside of a building with the outside. The way that they are constructed and installed allows you to manipulate the light entering your property, so you can control and improve the ambience of your home in all seasons.

Fixed aluminium shutters on the exterior of a building on the Sunshine Coast

2. Better Shading And Cooling

The slats of any window louvre allow for air to efficiently come into the property, which can be useful on a hot summer’s day. Depending on the exact conditions, the air outside might be particularly warm – and this may mean that opening the windows simply lets more heat in. With an aluminium louvre, you can instead promote natural ventilation, especially since the material is resistant to heat, and can even reflect it back outside.

Installing the louvre in the right location is essential, so make sure you check which direction the wind typically comes from; this can reduce your dependency on air conditioning, and in turn lower your energy bills.

If you’re not sure how to position these to your advantage then you should book a professional team to complete a full measure and quote so that you can be confident that you are going to make the most of your louvres.

Louvres also create window shading for even further comfort. If your property is exposed to harsh coastal conditions on the Sunshine Coast, this could be essential for comfort.

3. Protection From The Elements

On top of keeping you safe from intense sun glare, aluminium louvres can also help properties from stormy weather, excess salt and rain. Aluminium in particular is an excellent material for this, as it has enough durability to handle most weather without any issues. It also boasts a higher strength-to-weight ratio than many other metals, meaning it has the strength to rival steel but is much lighter in weight.

Aluminium louvres also require little maintenance–  a clean every six months will sufice. You could use a simple brush and water to accomplish this, and you won’t need any special products. If you live near the water, you may benefit from cleaning every three months instead, as this helps to make sure there’s no build-up of dirt or salt from the surrounding area.

4. Increased Privacy For The Home

Louvres let you control how much the other side sees – while also letting you view the outside world at your leisure. The design of a louvre’s slats makes it much easier for you to see out of it than for others to look into it. This means you get to stop prying eyes.

By investing in high-quality aluminium louvres for the building’s exterior, you can combine the right level of light with the perfect amount of privacy. In doing so, you have much more control over your home and can make sure it’s exactly as you desire.

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