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Stylish Shutter Designs For Your Sunshine Coast Home

When it comes to window decorations, there is much more choice and variety these days compared to a few decades ago.

Back in the 90s and even the 2000s, curtains and blinds were seen as the only things to have on your home windows, but that really isn’t the case anymore.

Here at Balcony Shutters, something that has become increasingly evident to us over the years is that people are starting to prefer shutters, whether as a single element on their windows or as an addition to the more traditional dressings.

With that in mind, here are some of the best designs for shutters on the Sunshine Coast if you want to revitalise your home.


A louvred shutter is constructed with overlapping, uniform slats – usually horizontal, though you might find some vertical types.

You will find louvred shutters on lots of high end, luxury properties because they evoke an effortless type of style and sophistication.

The vast majority of louvred shutters are made from strong and durable wood materials but plastic is an alternative.

Board And Batten

If you are looking for a more traditional, old fashioned style of shutter for your home to add a look of history to the property, then board and batten shutters might be the perfect choice.

They are constructed from individual boards that are joined together with battens, and the final result is something that harks back to a different period of history.

Shaker Style

These are an interior style of shutter that are designed to block out any weather from a room.

They are simple and functional, so perhaps not the best for a statement piece, but for weather blocking and bright light blocking, shaker style shutters are perfect.

Cafe Style

Cafe style shutters are distinctive in the sense that they are interior shutters that are only used on the lower half of a window.

They provide a level of privacy without being too imposing in a room.

So, if you are interested in further exploring your options for shutters on the Sunshine Coast for your home, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you have any questions related to shutters then feel free to contact one of our trained and experienced team members here at Balcony Shutters and they will be more than happy to provide the answers.

We very much look forward to being able to install the very best quality shutters for your home.