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Install Louvred Patio Shutters for the Ultimate Alfresco Space

If you love being outside and entertaining all year round, having a comfortable alfresco patio space at your property on the Sunshine Coast is important. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a summer evening relaxing in the cool afternoon breeze.

In order to create the perfect outdoor space which is private while still remaining open to the outdoors, one of the best choices is external aluminium louvred shutters.

This option is not only practical choice but is an attractive addition to your outdoor space that adds value and the ability for you to enjoy your space during more kinds of weather.

Read on to find out more about this versatile product and why it could be the addition to your outdoor space that makes all the difference.


What Are Louvred Shutters?

Louvre shutters means that they are designed with adjustable elliptical blades. These are more frequently horizontal.

For outdoor installation, the most durable material used to create these shutters to last is quality aluminium.

Each individual blade can be referred to as a louvre. These are the parts which you can alter to your preference throughout the day and depending on light, weather and the amount of privacy you require.


So, what exactly are the benefits of installing louvred shutters on your patio?

There are lots of benefits that come with installing louvred shutters on your outdoor space. Here are just some of the reasons why louvred shutters could be a great option for your space.


Light And Air Control

Solid roller shutters have the drawback of allowing all or no light and breeze into your space. A lot of modern outdoor blind options also create the same issue when used.

Louvred aluminium shutters are much more versatile as they mean you can alter the amount of light coming into the room at any given time by simply adjusting the tilt of the blades.

This means you can let some light into your room without having to face the full intense brightness and heat of the Australian sun. This also allows you to look outside and enjoy the view while still enjoying the space in comfort.



Louvred shutters allow you the freedom to choose how much others can see into the area. They offer much more privacy for your space that can help you relax.

Another benefit of creating this privacy is that it can also potentially help protect your property from thieves as they will find it more difficult to view your belongings as well if seeing you are home and planning entry.

Removing some of the temptation as well as making it harder to gain access, for example, if you have shutters installed on the outside of your windows on your patio, may also act as a deterrent from thieves as they may decide that your property is not an easy target.


Weather resistance

External aluminium shutters are also a great option if you are planning to use them in an outdoor space since they are designed to handle weather conditions and protect your property and outdoor space in bad weather.

These louvred shutters can withstand sun and rain, meaning you don’t have to worry about their durability over time.

Installing louvred shutters also means that you can retain some warmth in your outdoor space and inside your property as you can create a barrier to shut out cold winds and air. For windier days or relaxed evenings, this can make a big difference in how enjoyable your space is inside and out.


Besides the benefits to having shutters that were discussed above that are more focused on the practical side, one of the biggest draws is how they add to the style of your dwelling. Louvred shutters can easily be incorporated into a more modern property.

However, they are very versatile and could also greatly complement a more relaxed or even country style of property.

One of the biggest positives to installing custom plantation style shutters externally is how these can be installed to be as practical as possible for your specific space.

Choose from folding, sliding or fixed and create your ideal space with outstanding weather and privacy control.

Order custom external louvre shutters from Sunshine Coast experts

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