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How to Order Custom Shutters in Brisbane

Whether you want privacy, weather protection, or to add a touch of style, aluminium plantation shutters are the ideal choice. Quality shutters are a versatile and beautiful way to add value to your home, increase security, and enjoy your outdoor area all year round.

Why choose custom shutters?

Prefabricated shutters are available for the DIY enthusiast and can be easier on the wallet. However, the difference between prefabricated and custom is huge.

A perfect fit

Your house is unique. The shape and size of the area you wish to enclose will not be the same as your neighbour. In older houses, exposure to elements can cause parts of the building to expand, shrink or settle. A prefabricated shutter made to a standard size may not fit or sit level when installed in either scenario.

Safe and simple

Many premade shutters require assembly, and you may find yourself needing a ladder or other tools, depending on your building. By choosing custom installation, the hard work is done for you by trained professionals who take care of everything right down to the cleanup. Aluminium shutters also rate most highly for fire safety compared to wooden DIY shutters.

Quality finish

Balcony Shutters specialises in high-quality Australian made blinds for every single job, created just for you. With every shutter being created specifically for the task and installed by professionals, we can offer a higher quality than mass-produced shutters.

Plus, our custom blinds and shutters meet the mandatory product safety standards outlined by the Australian government.

Freedom of choice

DIY shutters come in a set range of colours and styles. Our custom shutters offer you a wide choice of colour finishes using high-quality powder-coated aluminium and versatile opening styles, including combination shutters with glass panels can suit any home or aesthetic preference.

For the best fit and finish, custom made plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment.

How to order custom shutters in Brisbane

Balcony Shutters makes ordering your custom made plantation shutters a breeze. Our friendly staff are ready to help, whether you’re just making enquiries or know what you want exactly.


Get in touch using our online form or give us a call to arrange an appointment.



Balcony Shutters representative will visit your property and provide you with a measure and quote. If you’re not sure what style of shutter suits your home best, we are happy to offer advice and make recommendations. All quotes are completely cost and obligation-free.


When you accept our quote, we’ll provide you with payment information and a timeline for installation. From there, we take care of everything else. Your shutters will be manufactured to your specifications and installed on time by our expert staff. After that, all you have left to do is enjoy your newly enclosed space.

Balcony Shutters specialises in providing high-quality aluminium plantation shutters throughout Southeast Queensland, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and our professional team has over 27 years of industry experience.

Balcony Shutters promises “Australian made quality, on time, every time”, from the smallest urban courtyard to multi-storey commercial buildings. Call our Brisbane team on (07) 5438 1010 to book your free measure and quote today.