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How Much Should Plantation Shutters Cost?

If you’re currently considering updating your home’s decor or you’re building a new home and you’re choosing your fittings, you’re probably considering plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are a wonderful choice for your home and are a timeless style. If you’re wondering whether plantation shutters are worth it or you’re looking for a price estimate to have them installed, we can help.

At Balcony Shutters Australia, we have put together a list, where you will find everything you need to know about plantation shutters.

Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home?

It’s easy to add value to your home without having to undertake huge renovation projects. Even if you weren’t planning to sell for years, doing things that increase the value of your home will be nothing but beneficial for you.

Plantation shutters are a fantastic way to not only have a stylish home but increase the value at the same time. Plantation shutters are considered a permanent addition to your home and are also fantastic at helping keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

This goes a long way towards increasing its value as they’re a feature that is often desirable for potential buyers.

Are Plantation Shutters More Expensive than Blinds?

Plantation shutters can be a bit more expensive than installing blinds would be. They are, however, worth the investment.

Plantation shutters tend to be a lot more durable than your typical blinds which can wear out quite quickly. Shutters, on the other hand, can last a lifetime if they are properly cared for and cleaned.

If you want plantation shutters installed in your home but you’re constrained by a tight budget, you can always opt for faux wood shutters.

They are more budget-friendly than your traditional wood shutters but they look just like the real thing. They also come in a huge variety of colours so you can choose shutters that suit your home and personal taste.

Unlike blinds, shutters are also a great way of insulating your home and reducing your electricity bill. They are also a stylish way to add privacy to your home.

Due to their lack of cords, shutters can also eliminate any choking hazards to small children and pets that blinds may pose.

Plantation shutters are a fantastic addition to any home. They’re stylish, can help reduce your electricity bill, maximise your privacy, reduce outside noise and increase the worth of your home.

And they don’t have to be super expensive additions to your home. If you are considering plantation shutters for your house, why not give us a call 07 5438 1010

We are here to help with all your shutter needs.