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Aluminium is an extremely durable material, meaning your shutters will have a long lifespan. Aluminium is also ideal for blocking out light, wind or rain and a great form of insulation. The sturdy structure of aluminium shutters can also work as a security measure in deterring intruders.

Yes. At Balcony Shutters Australia, we manufacture and install our aluminium shutters in a range of styles including bi-fold, sliding, stacking, fixed, hinged, glass panel combination and balustrade combination.

Bi-fold shutters are hinged together in panels that can then fold back against each other. Panels slide across a top and bottom track, making them easy to open up for entertaining.

Yes. Aluminium shutters are a great investment because they bring both practicality and a simple, modern look.

Yes. Our aluminium shutters can be designed to suit commercial, domestic and high-rise locations

Absolutely. Aluminium is a highly sturdy material, so it works well for blocking out harmful UV rays.

Yes. At Balcony Shutters Australia, we work with you from start to finish as we manufacture and install your shutters. We years of expertise providing the best plantation shutters Brisbane & Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Yes. We can manufacture our shutters to suit your exact colour preferences.

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